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Jangsem Monday's Motto

To inspire an Eco-friendly "enlightened" diet and lifestyle; a lifestyle that is both passionate and compassionate. We are not against but for anyone.

A warm Jangsem welcome to Tshewang Dema

From: Mongar
Current place: Bumthang
Profession: Working
What do you think about Jangsem Monday movement?
Good initiative,Good cause,I fully support! ...read more

Rising Adventures Bhutan Tours and Treks is on board!

We welcome *Rising Adventures Bhutan Tours and Trek* here in Thimphu who is now on board for Jangsem Mondays! Thank You for Your Kind Support and for making Mondays Special! ...read more

Tofu Salad

Good Saturday Morning Jangsemians!
Chimmi L Gyaltshen kindly shared a photo of a salad she had on Nyilo (Bhutanese festival) with her family. She says they eat a lot of balanced diet at hom...read more

On the Menu: Why ‘Meatless Monday’ plan is good news all round.

Apart from tackling the obesity epidemic, there are huge environmental benefits linked to the pledge.

The Meatless Monday movement started during the first World War, primarily to conserv ...read more

Jangsem Monday Pledge

Our Supporters


Have a Happy Jangsem meal at Ambient Cafe every Mondays and let the Green habit

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James Cameron

James Cameron wants you to fight global warming by changing what you eat...

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