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Promote JM in Ministries/Schools/Restaurants

• 3 Ministries of the Bhutanese government, namely - the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. 
We submitted a proposal to the Honourable Education Minister with regard to promoting Jangsem Monday in the schools of Bhutan. Work is underway to make a submission to the remaining 2 ministries as well by mid-2019.
• 25 from Our targeted 30 schools observe Jangsem Mondays 

• 8 out of the 10 Corporation/NGO/communities are on board with us. 

• 6 of the target 10 Hotels/Restaurants observe and promote Jangsem Monday by creating a ‘Jangsem Monday special Menu’ in- 
exchange for promotion by us
* If you are a an employee/Teacher/Student and would want to help us then please contact us.