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Raising Awareness

• Television
: Production in-progress “Jangsem Monday” music video, and two 1 minute 30 seconds animated promo in Dzongkha and in English are being developedfor broadcast on BBS and Online

• Radio: 3 Radio-stations currently AIR the Jangsem Monday song. Kuzoo FM supports Jangsem Monday with a weekly 1 hour show on the Movement on Mondays in Dzongkha and English.
• We also plan to Create Jangsem Monday jingles in Dzongkha and English. 

• Telecommunitions:We are turning the Jangsem Monday song into a CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone) for 
the 2 national mobile service providers ‘B-Mobile’ and ‘Tashi-cell’. 

• Print:- Our efforts are underway to print Banners, Stickers, Bumper stickers, Posters.
- We will print Menus and Table-top tents for restaurants that support us.

- Brochures and pamphlets for Schools, Festivals and local/national celebrations

• Magazines: Article and animated captions for magazines such as in-flight magazines and “Nazhoen(Youth) Speaks 

• Social Media:We post regular updates of our activities and posts on
- Facebook
- YouTube 

- Twitter
- Instagram

• Celebrity advocacy: We request and invite Local and international celebrities to lend their support.