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'' Druk Soy'' at Phuntsholing on board the JANGSEM EXPRESS!! 🚂💚

OOD EVENING Jangsemians, We are BACK and presenting YOU with our Jangsem Monday Evening News bulletin 💚😊

WE ARE SUPER STOKED To OFFICIALLY WELCOME '' Druk Soy'' at Phuntsholing on board the JANGSEM EXPRESS!! 🚂💚 ''WELCOME ON BOARD DrukSoy'' :) (Y) <3

According to the Druk Soy Organization, they promote Vegetarianism through their brand "DrukSoy" in Bhutan.
They manufacture Soya based food products viz. Soya Chunks/Nuggets which is 100% Vegetarian but resembles texture to that of meat.
In this regard, they would like to become a member of Jangsem Monday and they also mention that JM is on a noble & religious quest.
The pictures that follow in our JM news today are the DRUK SOY Factory Staff Members, their Logo & their Bhutan Soya Protein Products.

OUR SPECIAL Thanks to the Manager of Druk Soy for contacting us and proposing on behalf of the DRUK SOY org. to become a JM member, Thank You for taking a wonderful and healthy initiative with DRUK SOY (OUR RESPECTS) :) (Y) <3 For those of YOU who need to get Your Protein needs Recharged, while on a meatless trend, TRY DRUK SOY and stay healthy, Be healthy!! :) <3 We Support this Organization (Y) and Congratulate Druk Soy for making it local and possible because anything is possible, do Support our Local Business Org. Be local, Buy Local and Go green for your health, the planet's health and for our animal friends <3 :)

Thank You for all your Kind kind support and for making Mondays Special by making it a Jangsem Monday!
We respect and admire Your efforts to keeping your meals Green and meatless, while also making mondays a day to be compassionate to all beings and to be in service of others in need. _/\_ keep going!! Kindness CAN change the World! :) it starts with YOU!

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