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How Can You Help?

You can always pledge to go meatless on Monday to benefit your health and the environment while saving countless lives. If u are interested we could always ask you some easy questions via our Jangsem Monday Facebook page, and u can be a part of this noble cause by sending your selfie and answers there. Or simply Take the pledge here. Thank u.

Please don't think or restrict Jangsem Monday to just food and your plate; here in Bhutan, as mentioned earlier- it is a day when you help an old lady with her grocery bag, a senior citizen cross the road, close a leaking faucet, switch off an idle electrical appliance, maybe walk/cycle to office or school ... In short, it is a day when you forget yourself and remember that you "SHARE" this planet and that you "CARE". We thank you all for your help and support; we would also like to remind you that this is just the 'beginning' of a lifelong romance with good health and an ailing beautiful planet, Tashi Delek.

If You are a teacher, student, restaurateur or anyone interested in getting on board the Jangsem Monday Global Movement, contact us!

Jangsem Monday Pledge

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Have a Happy Jangsem meal at Ambient Cafe every Mondays and let the Green habit

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