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Sonam Yangki


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I work in TashiCell( Tashi info comm ltd)

Do you observe JANGSEM Mondays?:
i do, i first saw in Facebook and was wondering what it meant, later on i knew that its a one way of conveying a messages to the people to save a soul of every animals.

What do you think about Jangsem Monday movement?
First of all let me thank the founder of Jangsem Monday, its a very inspiring and very influential way of conveying a messages to the people to save every soul of the animals.

Why do you think it's important to go meatless?:
I think its important to go meatless because it may not contribute big help and save all the animals but we may able to save some of the poor soul...

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If yes for how long and why?:

yes i am its been quite few yrs that i have dedicated myself to be a vegetarian because once i was taught in the school by our dzongkha teacher that every animals were once our parents so when ever i see meat i get nausea , a pain in my heart thinking how much pain might have beard by those poor animals just be our food.

Has it benefited you and how?:
yes it indeed helped me because by going meatless i knew not only to help and save some of the poor soul animals but it also has lots of role to play in ecology,famine and cruelty

What are your Favorite veggies and fruits?:
My favorite vegetables: beans, spinach,broccoli and ferns...my favorite fruit: strawberry and apple.

Your Favorite animals? Domestic or wild?:

I love dogs and cats..

What do you believe in or should we say your motto in life?:

i believe every one should be treated equal and right to breath their freedom.

What is your message to everyone on going meatless?:

So far no one has ever gained anything by harming others so by taking others life just to fill one's belly will not help you gain any merits. so , let us set our mind to stop hurting others for one's benefit even if you cant go vegetarian let us at least observe jangsem Monday once la....

Sonam Yangki saved at least 17 chicken(s) till date.
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