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Yeshi wangchuk


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Do you observe JANGSEM Mondays?:
Yes i do

What do you think about Jangsem Monday movement?
Wonderful movement and helpful one

Why do you think it's important to go meatless?:
I think it is important to go meatless firstly by going meatless we save animals life. Secoundly save ourself from getting many deadfull diseases. Thirdly free from sin

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If yes for how long and why?:

I am vegetarian for 15 years. I personally love animals and me nature of being little religious

Has it benefited you and how?:
To be truth i dont feel sense of benifits but i get sense of satisfaction by not having meat

What are your Favorite veggies and fruits?:
Sag and apple

Your Favorite animals? Domestic or wild?:


What do you believe in or should we say your motto in life?:

My motto in life is i believe in equality . Everyone should be treated equally infront of any condition

What is your message to everyone on going meatless?:

My message here is go meatless and live healthier and longer life. Finally please save innocent animals

Yeshi wangchuk saved at least 14 chicken(s) till date.
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