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Karma Tshering


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Voluntarism is my interest

Do you observe JANGSEM Mondays?:
Always and I am happy to be part of it.

What do you think about Jangsem Monday movement?
It's really great initiative and appreciated with Jangsem Monday since its simple way to accumulate merits.

Why do you think it's important to go meatless?:
To safe our parents and hope to see our religious country Bhutan as zero meat in near future.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If yes for how long and why?:

Yes, I have been vegetarian for almost 5 years. I always wanted to see happiness in others and wished to go our Bhutan as zero meat.

Has it benefited you and how?:
Yes absolutely it really helped me a lot to be a part of life saver of our past parents and without any diseases.

What are your Favorite veggies and fruits?:
Chili, spinach mushroom and cucumber

Your Favorite animals? Domestic or wild?:


What do you believe in or should we say your motto in life?:

Losing my mother at such an early age is the scar of my soul but I feel like it ultimately made me into the person I am today.

What is your message to everyone on going meatless?:

My humble request to all will be don't listen to naysayers and always be good to others. It's all matters of your thinking and attitude to not to eat meat and GOOD THINGS ARE ON YOUR WAY SO HAVE FAITH AND STAY STRONG AND POSITIVE.

Karma Tshering saved at least 13 chicken(s) till date.
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