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Kinley choki


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Do you observe JANGSEM Mondays?:

What do you think about Jangsem Monday movement?
It is very informative and encouraging for today's youth in helping people to become vegeterian.

Why do you think it's important to go meatless?:
Well,staying in a buddhist country,it's better to go meatless.The innocent animals are being killed for thr meat consumers. For animals do have the right to live as humans do. Other life should be considered as we care ourselves.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If yes for how long and why?:

Yes I am a vegeterian.it has been 7 years now.I chose to be a vegeterian in 2009 winter after watching a video clip of slaughtering animals

Has it benefited you and how?:
Yes it has benefited me. I felt good consuming vegetables rather than eating meats. We can save the lives of those innocent animals and i believe that vegeterians will have longer life span compared to the meat consumers.

What are your Favorite veggies and fruits?:
My favourite veggies are beans,potato and spinach.favourite fruits-litchi,watermelon,avocado,kiwi and passion fruit.

Your Favorite animals? Domestic or wild?:

I love dogs

What do you believe in or should we say your motto in life?:

Understanding of others feelings are important.

What is your message to everyone on going meatless?:

We all need to think about the equality in living thatexistence of soul is equal in human and animal.humanity is treating every lives equal.

Kinley choki saved at least 26 chicken(s) till date.
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