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Meatless Monday is Worldwide

It’s Worldwide! Meatless Monday was founded in 2003 by Sid Lerner in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Pub

Japan goes meatless on Mondays.

*** WHICH OTHER COUNTRIES ARE GOING MEATLESS ON MONDAY? ***Our Focus this week (alphabetical order) is JAPAN ( 21st Country

Jamaica takes part in Meatless Mondays

Jamaica launched Meatless Monday in 2010 as a grassroots movement through Kingston Kitchen, a food style company run by the famous

Meatless Monday progress in Italy

In Italy, Meatless Monday progress is led by two groups. Meatless Monday Italia, is a grassroots movement led by world food lover

On the Menu: Why ‘Meatless Monday’ plan is good news all round.

Apart from tackling the obesity epidemic, there are huge environmental benefits linked to the pledge. The Meatless Monday movem

Jangsem Monday Pledge

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Have a Happy Jangsem meal at Ambient Cafe every Mondays and let the Green habit

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James Cameron

James Cameron wants you to fight global warming by changing what you eat...

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