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Promote Jangsem Monday in 5 Dzongkhags

Dzongkhags Targeted: - We have 19 coordinators from the our target of 20 coordinators for each Dzongkhag of Bhutan. Our efforts a

Promote JM in Ministries/Schools/Restaurants

Ministries/Corporations/Schools/Restaurants: • 3 Ministries of the Bhutanese government, namely - the Ministry of Health, t

Encourage Community Participation

Encourage community participation: 
 - We encourage and invite participation from all, you can send in your tastiest vegetarian

Raising Awareness

• Television
: Production in-progress “Jangsem Monday” music video, and two 1 minute 30 seconds animated promo in Dzongkh

Community Resources

We will render full support to individuals and communities to promote a meatless diet and lifestyle.

Jangsem Monday Pledge

Our Supporters


Have a Happy Jangsem meal at Ambient Cafe every Mondays and let the Green habit

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James Cameron

James Cameron wants you to fight global warming by changing what you eat...

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