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Dried Fiddlehead ferns with tomato paste (Vegan)

Ingredients: 200 gm. cooked dried ferns. 1 clove of garlic (sliced). 1 onion (sliced). 6 - 7 Tbsp tomato paste (200 gr. appr

Noodle Salad with dried Fiddlehead Ferns

300 gr. noodles cooked as per the instructions on the package, drained and set aside. 200 gr. of the re-hydrated and cooked dri

Cherry tom salad with balsamic dressing

Ingredients: fresh cherry tom-10 nos basil leaves-8 nos tender ones black peppercorns-1tspn olive oil-1tpsn balsamic vinegar-

Tofu Salad

Good Saturday Morning Jangsemians! Chimmi L Gyaltshen kindly shared a photo of a salad she had on Nyilo (Bhutanese festival) with

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Have a Happy Jangsem meal at Ambient Cafe every Mondays and let the Green habit

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James Cameron

James Cameron wants you to fight global warming by changing what you eat...

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